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you like to use?

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2.Select Content Type for

  • Augmented World

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    Augmented World

    The real-time use of virtual enhancements integrated with real-world objects. You can even bring different characters to life.

  • Face Filters

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    Face Filters

    Change users and their surroundings into something magical and unreal. Also face filters can react to different gestures and make this process more fun.

  • Mini-Game

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    Fun and catchy. Using animation and game dynamics, users can play games using their gestures.

  • Image Tracker

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    Image Tracker

    Scanning images in the real world will revive anything and animate into the physical world.

  • Portals

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    Portals are windows or doors placed in the real world that open into a completely virtual one.

  • Virtual Try-On

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    Virtual Try-On

    Mainly this feature allows users to try on makeup, glasses and other products.

  • Product Visualisation

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    Product Visualisation

    This will allow your customers to see and place different 3D objects in their surroundings

  • I Don’t Know / Other

    I Don’t Know / Other

    If you don’t know what AR experience would be best for your campaign, or you have a different idea, get in touch!